Egyptian Gods
Wietze fopma anubis final
Wietze fopma apophis 1
Wietze fopma ox
Wietze fopma anub2
Wietze fopma sx

Some of the Freelance/ commission designs for a Egyptian Gods project.

Basic Description i got for the project: the alien compared to a human would be it’s a taller and thinner humanoid. The skin would be an earthy dark orange, something along the lines that could be equated with the color used in Egyptian hieroglyphs. The default head is similar to that of a velociraptor except not as elongated. The eyes are mounted to be capable of binocular vision. Its nostrils large and fleshy. Pointed, articulate ears above and behind its eyes. Bumps and growths along the top of its head suggesting the possibility of horns. The tips of the lips are hardened and beaklike. Its teeth irregular like a crocodile.

The different heads (the natural variation within the species that humans would see to resemble the ox head, the jackal head, the snake head and a bird head)